My first pack of Time Zero! 

A very dear, sweet, Polaroid fairy by the name of James Allen Eakins made a pack of Time Zero appear in my mailbox! I have been absolutely dying to try this wonderful film, and was starting to believe I would never be able to have a pack of my own before all that is left on the planet became too expired to use. Along came Mr. Eakins and his magic pola-wand, and I am the proud creator of a few images I am so in love with! Here are a few examples… 

I plan to someday publish a book of photography and maybe a little writing called “Grimm Tales,” and so far, I plan on this photo being the cover, so this photo is called “Grimm Tales.” It is a portrait of Lorelei Belle

This one is called “Creepiest Carousel,” or I have thought about calling it “Something Wicked This Way Comes.” It is a picture of a porcelain carousel, using a close up lens on one horse and holding an old Holga filter over the lens for a prism effect, or waving MY magic pola-wand and transforming one horse into two. (And a half. You can kinda see a third in the upper right corner.)

This one is thus far untitled, but I wrapped tiny string lights around my pigtail braids and had my husband, Justin Valentine, assist me by pressing the button after I set the exposure and framed the photo. (Not that he isn’t capable of doing all that, I just wanted it to be a true self-portrait.) This one is my favorite, exposure wise. In bright sunlight with the lens all the way open, the whole pack was this dark, which I actually absolutely love. Other than exposure, though, “Grimm Tales” is my favorite, by far, which is why I half plan to make it the cover of my so far imaginary book.

While I am at it, I will add a couple photos taken by my husband. You can see more of his work if you’d like in his Instagram gallery

(That last one is me playing guitar [obviously] because, p.s., “I can play the guitar like a mother f@*kin riot!”) 

I hope you enjoy these photos a fraction of how much I do! I felt like I won the lottery, being lucky enough to get my hands on a pack before they are gone for sad but good. 

2 thoughts on “My first pack of Time Zero! 

  1. You’ve really been putting that film to good use. I’m loving your work. It’s so dreamy, surreal. They’re like visual accompaniments /equivalents to a lot of music I listen to. It’s not just the aged film. It’s also your subject matter and compositions.

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    1. Thank you! I am actually just figuring out how to be interactive with this dang blog thing. Thank you SO MUCH for your feedback! I certainly try… in fact, it is allk try. It is my whole life, and it means the world to me that someone has noticed and appreciates it.


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