shy girl/photographer and shy girl/model manage to create not so shy art

It has always been difficult for me to approach a total stranger and ask if I could take their portrait. But one night, I worked up the nerve and asked a girl at a bar with an incredibly unique sort of beauty that I just couldn’t help myself, if she might consider letting me take a photo of her. It turned out that she was also shy and (somehow, I can’t imagine) unsure of her beauty and/or ability to be photogenic. I took a couple photos of her, but asked if we could make plans for a later date to take more, since the type of film I use is specifically formulated for natural sunlight and performs tremendously better under such conditions. It took a couple weeks, and three solid days of unabashed begging, but at last, these two shy girls actually made it happen. And I, for one, couldn’t be any happier that the following photos are now added to a sometimes dark world, where as much art (and therefore beauty) is absolutely necessary for the health of our planet.

i still see you sitting there…

This double exposure transformed Jenny into a ghost…


I was especially happy to capture laughter this pure and beautiful after about five minutes of shooting!


I used an old Holga prism filter in this photo, which should have made three images of Jenny’s face, but I think my camera couldn’t handle three faces of such beauty at once…


I noticed the lovely shadow pattern of flowers just barely about to bloom and picked a couple more to add to the interesting (I think) effect they made.


These are the sort of “happy accidents” analogue photographers love so much, but when it comes to Polaroid photography, the undeveloped areas can add as much interest as the developed parts. I loved how the undeveloped area perfectly framed her profile.


Dear Revlon… if you need a model with naturally gorgeous eyelashes… with the addition of a close-up lens, this photo proves I have found America’s next top eyelash model…


This photo was shot through glowsticks, which would normally add a brighter effect, but with the dreary day and the cold weather, it added a lovely, soft pastel effect. (I think…)


So there you have it! I would call this a “typical photo shoot” with dear ol’ me, if it weren’t for the near impossibility of two rather shy girls actually making it happen. The whole shoot took about an hour, and I am eternally thankful for Jennifer Sanchez (@jennywhoooo on instagram) for taking part in what is hopefully only the first installment of our work together!

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