Pretty in Pink (purge the past)

Fleur and Arbor Magazine has started their first open call with the theme “Pretty in Pink.” I was excited about this because pink is my favorite color. I never admit that, but there you go; deep dark secrets to explore and exploit.

I am thinking, well great! I already have lots of photos that are predominantly pink. But that isn’t even trying. So I decided to post a collection of my pastel pink Polaroids for all to ponder if they so desire (and “they” probably don’t), but this way, I can’t be tempted to recycle old ideas or try to get a free pass just because I live in Candy Land year-round. 

So on with the exercise! Just know that this is only an exercise. If this were a real life, surely there would have been flashing lights to warn me, urgent voices, SOME type of understanding regarding what in the hell is going on, and probably I couldn’t get away with my favorite color still being pink.

Seriously, though (I am ALWAYS and also NEVER kidding), Fleur and Arbor Magazine is a beautiful publication, and I am sincere in my attempts at purging my existing pink work to make room for more just for them, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with for this article!


If you are still reading this, first of all, hey, it’s just you and me… But wow, so that is a lot of pink. This has been a surprisingly enlightening experience, and I feel good about continuing to love, but putting these photos to bed. Thanks, Fleur and Arbor, for being the catalyst for progress and deeper understandings within myself, (though I am sure that if anyone did read this, they are thoroughly confused and have no idea what I am talking about…)

3 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink (purge the past)

    1. The double exposures are either done with pack film and a Polaroid 250 or there are a couple done with a Lomo Instant Wide that has a multiple exposure button. Some are using multi-image filters and aren’t actually multiple exposures, but they sorta look like it due to the prism effect. Fun stuff! Thank you!

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